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Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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The Department of Design Sciences operates in the following areas.

Aerosol Technology studies the environmental and health effects of airborne particles. This can involve air pollution from traffic and energy production, high particle contents at a workplace or in indoor environments that pose allergy risks.

Certec — Certec’s rehabilitation engineering is about people, technology, learning and design from a disability perspective. Our research is situated, based on the person’s lived disability and life situation. We design userworthy technology side by side with the intended users.  

Ergonomics studies the interplay between humans and their surroundings. The knowledge gained is applied to the design of products, environments and organizations that people come into contact with in their daily lives.

Industrial Design directs its attention to design and trend management, metacharacteristics — the symbolic values and hidden messages of products — and design methodology, processes, methods and tools.

Innovation Engineering deals with innovations of both technical and social character. The research aims to improve the innovative performance of individuals, teams and organizations throughout the whole innovation process –  from idea to commercialization and implementation.

Product Development primarily works with the five following areas: design theory, development of numerical simulation techniques, robotics, product development and construction.

Packaging Logistics focuses on the design of products and their packaging systems. The subject also includes studies of logistics chains from raw materials to end use and recycling.

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Design Sciences’ research programs

To further benefit from the combined expertise available at Design Sciences we’ve formed a number of research programs.

We also have a competence centre, Metalund. Its research goal is to increase knowledge and understanding of the effects of different environmental factors on diseases and disorders of major concern for public health. Metalund consists of research groups from the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University.

More information about Design Sciences’ research:

Erik Andersson
research coordinator
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Hajnalka Bodnarresearch coordinator046-222 34