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Health Design

The Health Design platform coordinates, expands and develops research interests and competencies in the area of healthcare at the Department of Design Sciences. The platform shares the Department's focus on the interaction between people, technology and design and is based on five main areas:

  • A normal and active life in a healthcare situation
  • Participation of the patient, family and close friends
  • The work environment of healthcare professionals
  • Adaptation of technology and equipment to the healthcare setting/work environment
  • Patient safety

Researchers from various fields work in each of the areas. They strive to closely cooperate with people in different healthcare settings in order to generate new knowledge and solutions. Part of the work takes place in our laboratories. The solutions are implemented and evaluated in actual healthcare settings when ever possible. The research platform makes use of a mixture of different methods ranging from qualitative ethnographic-inspired approaches to advanced laboratory measurements. The design and innovation methodology generates integrated solutions with a holistic perspective.

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