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Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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About the Department

The Department of Design Sciences is one of about twenty at Lund University's Faculty of Engineering, LTH. Since 2002 its activities have been housed in the Ingvar Kamprad Design Center, IKDC. The Department has over 100 colleagues.

Research focuses on the interplay between humans, technology and design. There is broad cooperation. Research is conducted in industrial design, rehabilitation technology, design for the elderly, the interplay between people, the environment and health, organizational design and risk management. The research is highly interdisciplinary with many national and international contacts.

The Department participates in most of the undergraduate programs at LTH. Most students are training to become civil engineers, while one third are studying to be industrial designrs. The Department also offers courses for working professionals.

The breadth of our education and research means that we cooperate extensively with the community outside the University, such as companies and public organizations. This, along with a stimulating environment, makes the Department attractive to both personnel and students on the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


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