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Particle Generation

Aerosol particles can be generated from solid and liquid materials or directly in the gas phase. We also have a set of methods for controlling aerosol concentration.

Aerosolization of liquid
Liquids can be aerosolized in different ways depending on the particle size and concentration desired. We use electrospray to get well-defined drops down to single nanometers in size. For the generation of drops of higher concentration and over a wider range (about 0.01-3 μm), we use atomizers, nebulizers or a SLAG (sparging liquid aerosol generator). Larger droplets with controlled size and number concentration can be created with a VOAG (vibrating orifice aerosol generator). Oil drops can be produced by condensation from the gas phase.

Other methods
We have developed techniques for generating aerosol particles over long time periods. Part of the processes are based on controlled experimental simulation of natural particle formation processes. Among other things, we have methodologies for the production of soot aerosol, welding smoke, microbiological aerosol particles, various types of indoor aerosols and from gas phase (e.g. by oxidation of volatile organic compounds). We have also developed a unique generator for the production of organic nanoparticles with very high purity.

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