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BOXES – an art project about the sustainability goals


David Eriksson and Olof Kolte at Design Sciences – the artists behind the project BOXES.

In 2015, UN adopted seventeen development goals to serve as a reminder of the multitude of issues we need to address if we should thread the path towards a sustainable Earth-society.

A good brief needs a defined goal and a timeframe to be effective. Since no measurable goal is mentioned, and no timeframe is attached, it is up to us to define the goal and decide on the time frame. Here, Greta Thunberg can help us. “We should act as though our house is on fire” clearly pointing out that we need to act now.

“BOXES” is an art-project made by Olof Kolte and David Eriksson at Design Sciences and part of THE LONG VIEW’s activities to engage and inspire to learn more, and question the current endeavours of the global Earth society to deal with the problems it has created for itself. Applying linear thinking to a planet with cyclic life supporting systems will only take us further away from an existence within the boundaries of these systems.

The graphics on the boxes are taking UN sustainability goals as a point of departure. The quotes on the boxes are from a selection of “thinkers”.

THE LONG VIEW is a platform for cyclic thinking in design and innovation at the Department of Design Sciences. 

Material: Quarter sawn pine, plywood and paint.

More information: Olof Kolte and David Eriksson.