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Swedish Transformative Innovation Policy Platform (STIPP)

Platform description and aims

The Swedish Transformative Innovation Policy Platform (STIPP) brings together the strongest research environments and policy makers in the field of innovation and sustainability transitions in Sweden. The overall aim of the platform is to advance our understanding of the dynamics and governance of challenge-driven transformation processes in Sweden, and to develop a more comprehensive framework for transformative innovation policy. As a first empirical entry point, the platform will focus on the analysis of two transition areas that are currently of high strategic importance in Sweden (and abroad): the transformation towards a bio-based economy and the development of smart cities.

The aims of the platform are:

  • to develop a more substantiated analytical framework for transformative innovation policy
  • to advance knowledge on the particularities of systemic, socio-technical innovation and change processes 
  • to investigate the nature and effect of current policies targeting system innovation and to identify successful practices, limitations and challenges of the current set-up, particularly in the area of the bioeconomy and smart cities
  • to provide evidence-based recommendations for the design and evaluation of transformative innovation policy in Sweden
  • to become a recognized arena for cutting-edge research and practice in the field of sustainability transition and transformative policy and to establish a forum for strategic collaborations between researchers, policy makers and practitioners in Sweden and internationally

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Platform coordinator:

Lea Fuenfschilling

STIPP is funded by Vinnova and will initially run 2018-2022. The platform's core partners include senior and junior researchers from Lund University, Jönköping International Business School, Chalmers University of Technology and Linköping University, which will all closely cooperate with Vinnova.