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Centre for Work Environment and Leadership

Are you in need of more knowledge about the work environment in your organization?

The Centre for Work Environment and Leadership is the point of entry to Lund University’s expertise on work environment, working life and leadership.

The Centre offers everything from one-off lectures on a specific topic to more comprehensive course packages. The courses are commissioned and the participants can receive university credits. The courses are also tailored and developed in collaboration and discussion with the client. Clients directly influence the educational content in order to address the needs professional groups have in their everyday working lives.   

We offer training in organization, leadership, ergonomics, indoor environments, digital work environments, risk management and a longer working life.

The Leadership Arena

Improve your management skills based on current research that offers unexpected and new perspectives on the changing conditions of leadership.

The Leadership Arena is a joint initiative between the Centre for Work Environment and Leadership at Lund University and Unionen Chef (the largest Swedish trade union for managers). It focuses on managers’ career development and their work situation. In the meetings, we discuss roles and leadership in a broader perspective than one usually finds in traditional management programs. Researchers from Lund University lead the discussions, the starting point of which are lectures on topical issues on management and leadership. 

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Calle Rosengren
Director and Senior Lecturer 
+46 46 222 80 06

Jonas Borell
Associate Senior Lecturer 
+46 46 222 80 61

Jessika Sellergren
Communication Officer 
+46 46 222 85 10

We look forward to working with your organization!

About the Centre for Work Environment and Leadership

The Centre for Work Environment and Leadership is part of the Department of Design Sciences where we carry out work environment research focused on people’s interaction with technological products, technological systems, other people, organizations and the surroundings physical environment. We link together research, practice and trends that make the workplace a source of knowledge, inspiration, health and happiness.  


The Centre for Work Environment and Leadership is responsible for the ARBLINE library database. ARBLINE is a multidisciplinary literature database on working life, work environment and the labor market with approximately 80,000 posts. 

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