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Master's degree project at Design Sciences

Students from several programmes at the Faculty of Engineering, LTH are able to do their Master's degree project at Design Sciences and IKDC, within a multitude of subjects. For more detailed information about the different topics, click the links below.

  • Aerosol Technology
    Addresses key questions related to air quality, such as: formation of air pollution, particle dynamics, aerosol chemistry, and nanotoxicology. Read more about aerosol technology.
  • Ergonomics
  • Innovation Engineering
  • Interaction Design
  • Packaging Logistics
  • Product Development
  • Rehabilitation Engineering

General information about the degree project process can be found on LTH's Student Website.

In addition to the general information, we have gathered a number of things worth knowing when doing your degree project at Design Sciences, concerning agreements with companies, facilities for your work, communication with supervisors and the like.

Read the guidelines for doing your Master's degree project at Design Sciences and IKDC.

Available Projects

Browse available degree projects below. The information is alternatingly in Swedish and English, depending on the department or company involved.