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Faculty of Engineering, LTH


Health Design
Many of our research projects have a strong connection to different types of health care and health care situations. We are involved in projects such as at-home treatment for cancer, and advanced hospital care in an operating room and in an infection clinic. An important aspect is the ability to combine patient safety with a good working environment.

Product innovation and innovative learning
Our research projects cover innovations of both a technological and social nature, and include design and development of new products (goods and services) as well as new processes (technological and organizational).

Development of a sustainable society
The Long View is a platform for cyclic thinking in design and innovation. The ability to think “new” and visualize alternatives to the way society is currently organized is vital to succeed in making adjustments for a long term sustainable society.

Ageing and design
Our research focuses on the demands and needs of modern elderly living. We believe there are great opportunities in the potential that comes with a growing life experience, especially the innovative skills that follow a lifelong experience of technological change and use.


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