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Climate lab

The laboratory for thermal environments brings together research and development work about the interplay between human beings and the climate around them. Its activities are directed towards studies of the effects of thermal factors on the health, performance, working ability and comfort of human beings.

There are two climate chambers (one for cold and one for heat) that together can simulate temperatures from –55 to +55 °C. In these chambers we study how humans are influenced by and experience different climates. Using computer-controlled thermal dolls we can measure the heat flow around the human body and investigate, for example, how different kinds of clothing function.

Our measurement methods and chambers are also employed in cooperation with industrial partners for tests of equipment or products.

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In short

In the climate laboratory, the warm and cold chamber can simulate environments with temperatures ranging from +60 C° to -50C°. The research carried out concerns health effects related to working in warm or cold settings, as well as how various protective clothing and equipment function in extreme temperatures. 

Reports from the climate laboratory