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Humans in extreme environments

A person and a helicopter in a snowy landscape. Photo.

Are you interested in human endurance and ability in extreme environments? For example, in the rescue services, in disaster scenarios, during extreme weather events such as heat waves or cold spells, in adventure tourism or extreme sports.

The physical factors of the surrounding environment – ​​such as climate, fire, air pressure, high altitude, cold water – can pose risks to humans and have a negative effect on health, functionality, work capability, comfort and well-being. People are sometimes exposed to extreme conditions in the rescue services, during disasters or extreme weather events, in tourism and in connection with exercise and sports activities. 

A prerequisite for safe handling in extreme environments is that people with different responsibilities are up to date with the latest knowledge in the field. This applies not least to personnel in the emergency services and those who work with extreme climate and adaptations. But also occupational health and safety managers at workplaces, sports leaders and the like need to understand the human needs, conditions and limitations and take them into consideration when designing activities under extreme environmental conditions. The knowledge can also be used to create and design products and protective measures for safe performance in extreme environments.


Practical information about the course

  • Credits: 7,5
  • Pace: 25%
  • Course duration: 15 January – 2 June 2024
  • Form of teaching: Daytime in Lund
  • Language of teaching: English
  • Admission requirement: Basic qualifications

Course syllabi

This course is available to different groups and below you find the links to their respective course syllabi at


Freestanding course TFRC70

Open to all meeting the basic requirements.

Optional course MAMF35

For you who take the Medicine and technology programme.

Research education MAMF35F


Chuansi Gao

Course responsible 

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