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Aerosol and climate laboratory

The Laboratory for aerosol and climate research is a unique facility, combining aerosols with advanced measuring and climate technology.

How does pollution affect peoples’ health in different types of climate? How are airborne viruses transmitted in varying temperatures and humidity? How are our bodies affected by particles released by different materials and products in a changing climate?How

The laboratory has a large number of instruments for advanced measurement of airborne particles, including their size distribution, mass, chemical composition, light scattering, density, water absorption and fluorescence. There is also a variety of technologies available for generating aerosol particles in different size ranges and from different sources. In addition, we have the ability to transform the aerosol by, for instance, changing the electrical charge or surface layer of the particles.

Students and researchers within the research area of climate and thermal environment use the exposure chambers to learn how different materials and products feel and work in both heat and cold. The chambers also provide the opportunity to get to know our bodies’ reactions in different climates.

The observations and experiments in the exposure chambers are carried out in high cleanliness, with effective air flow control, varying humidity and in temperatures between -25 and +50 degrees.

Research areas

Read more about the laboratory environment within each area.


Jakob Löndahl


Patrik Nilsson

Research engineer

Unique combo lab paves the way for new research breakthroughs

Several years of preparation are now bearing fruit. The new combined aerosol and climate lab at LTH is here. Read the article in LUM.

Who can use the lab?

The laboratory is used by the aerosol and thermal environment group at the department of Ergnonomics and aerosol technology, by the aerosol group at Nuclear Physics, as well as other users within the faculty of engineering and the faculty of medicine. The laboratory is part of LTH Ipen Door, and is therefore also avalible for external actors.

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