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Aerosol laboratory

The department's aerosol laboratory consists of three major halls and four smaller rooms, with a total area of 400 m2. In the halls there is a climate controlled experimental chamber (floor area 9 m2 and height 2.4 m), vacuum and compressed air systems, sterile benches, chemical and electronic supplies, and filter handling equipment. The aerosol laboratory is also adapted for handling of biological aerosols (microbiological risk class 2).

We have a large number of instruments for advanced measurement of airborne particles, including their size distribution, mass, chemical composition, light scattering, density, water absorption and fluorescence.
There is also a variety of technologies available for generating aerosol particles in different size ranges and from different sources. In addition, we have the ability to transform the aerosol by, for instance, changing the electrical charge or surface layer of the particles.


Patrik Nilsson
Research engineer
046-222 32 84

Jakob Löndahl
Director Aerosol Laboratory
046-222 05 17