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Degree projects at Design Sciences

Students from several programmes at the Faculty of Engineering, LTH are able to do their degree project at Design Sciences and IKDC, within a multitude of subjects. For more detailed information about the different topics, click the links below.

  • Aerosol Technology
    Addresses key questions related to air quality, such as: formation of air pollution, particle dynamics, aerosol chemistry, and nanotoxicology. Read more about aerosol technology.
  • Ergonomics
  • Innovation Engineering
    An interdisciplinary subject that deals with technical, human and business perspectives on innovation and the innovation process.
  • Interaction Design
  • Packaging Logistics
    Covers the design of a product and its packaging, throughout the whole supply chain from raw product, via various actors, to the end user, and on to recycling and recovery.
  • Product Development
    It is the set of activities beginning with the perception of a market opportunity and ending in the production, sale and delivery of a product which adds value to the intended customers and other stakeholders.
  • Rehabilitation Engineering
  • Technical design
  • Virtual reality and augmented reality

General information about the degree project process can be found on LTH's Student Website.

In addition to the general information, there are a number of things worth knowing when doing your degree project at Design Sciences. It concerns agreements with companies, facilities for your work, communication with supervisors and more. 

Read the guidelines for doing your degree project at Design Sciences and IKDC.

Available Projects

Browse available degree projects below. The information is alternatingly in Swedish and English, depending on the department or company involved. 

3 April 2023

Två examensarbetsprojekt för studenter inom produktutveckling, teknisk design, mekatronik.

27 January 2023

Project for fourth- and fifth-year students interested in exploring 3D printing techniques.

25 January 2023

Detta exjobbet är för dig som vill arbeta med att effektivisera och digitalisera processen för produktframtagning.

24 January 2023

Master thesis project about returns of on line shopping.

7 December 2022

Master thesis project including research, implementation and user experience.

8 November 2022

Exjobb för dig som vill prova på nya tekniska utmaningar inom underhållningssystem ombord på flyg.

31 October 2022

Work with Quintus Technologies to design and test a mechanical component that can be used in Quintus systems for decompression.

25 July 2022

Help IKEA make accessible experiences for everyone.

6 May 2022

Master thesis project on how to inspect fire extinguishers remotely.

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Course syllabi

Search "degree project" or "bachelor project" to find your subject.


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