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Research education

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Research education

If you are curious about doing a PhD, you find information here about research education at Design Sciences and what such an education can lead to. You also find links to other pages about doctoral studies at Design Sciences and the faculty of engineering, LTH.

You can do a PhD in a wide range of subjects at the Department of Design Sciences such as Aerosol Technology, Packaging Logistics, Transformative Innovation, Rehabilitation Technology, Work Environment Technology and Industrial Design. You can read more about each research education subject on LTH's website.

Through a PhD program, you as a student gain both broad and deep knowledge within the chosen subject area. You also have the opportunity to develop in project management, leadership and pedagogy as you work in various projects and also with teaching.

Scientific approach to the world

As a PhD student, you gradually develop a scientific approach to the world. In short, doctoral studies are about practicing critical and analytical thinking, learning to solve problems independently with appropriate methodology and developing research ethical awareness.

What do PhD studies lead to?

Studies can result in either a licentiate degree or a doctorate degree. If you enroll in the doctoral program full-time, you will have your dissertation in four years.

After graduation, it is just as common for our alumni to work in industry and consulting firms as it is to remain in academia.

Do you want to become a PhD student?

Would you like to take a PhD course in sustainable development?

PhD students have a key role in meeting society's complex sustainability challenges and contributing to long-term sustainable development. In your future professional life – may be as an academic, in business or in politics – you will influence and contribute to shaping the future of our society.

Many PhD courses have an element of sustainability and in particular the following courses:

  • Sustainable business model innovation (INT005F)
  • Sustainable development, a systems view (IDE055F)
  • The designer/engineer and sustainable development (IDE035F)

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