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Accessibility at IKDC

Disabled parking lots

Disabled parking lots with four spaces under cover is located 15 meters from the entrance. The ground between the disabled parking lots and the entrance is heated in winter to melt snow and ice.

Tactile paths

Tactile paths are available outdoors to entrances and indoors from entrances to elevators, reception, seminar rooms, auditoriums and toilets.


A reception is located on the entrance floor, which is "level 2". It is staffed by our service group between 8:00 and 12:00. The service group can be reached on phone +46 46 222 39 42.

Accessible toilets

Accessible toilets are available on all floors.

Automatic door openers

Automatic door openers are available for seminar rooms and auditoriums.

Hearing aid

An Infrared (IR) system as a hearing aid can be found in the Large Auditorium (Stora hörsalen) on the entrance floor.

Pick up an IR receiver with a neck loop at the reception, if they are not distributed in the auditorium, and put the hearing aid in the T position. The neck loop IR receiver must be used for the T mode of the hearing aid to work. The IR receiver can also be used without the neck loop by people who do not have a hearing aid.


A restaurant is on the entrance floor. Website with the week’s lunch menu (weekdays 11:30-13:30).
Telephone to the restaurant: +46 46 222 15 50

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