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Aerosol technology

Researchers in a lab. Photo.


Why are there particles all around us and how can we meassure them?  What happens when we breathe in these particles?

The course Aerosol Technology will give you answers to these questions and many more. You will also learn how airborne particles affect our health and climate and what happens to them in the atmosphere.

Aerosol technology is frequently used in various industries for example the pharmaceutical industry and in nano technology – in this course you will find out how.

The course will give you insight into the physics and chemistry that govern airborne particles as well as theoretical and practical knowledge of particle characterization through demonstrations and laboratory exercises. Invited guest lecturers, who are experts in their fields, will present industrial and scientific applications.


Research in the frontline

Aerosol research is conducted in the international frontline at Ergonomics and Aerosol Technology together with Nuclear Physics. The aerosol and climate laboratory at the Ingvar Kamprad Design Center is among the most modern in the world with a unique arsenal of instruments.

You find more information about the research on the following pages:

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NanoLund – research in nano science at Lund University

Aerosol technology – TFRG11

The course is given in English in Lund during the autumn semester and gives 7.5 credits.


Vilhelm Malmborg

Course supervisor

Lena Leveen

Department administrator

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