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PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: 3D printed lattice structures for Upholstery application – STEPS project

Project for fourth- and fifth-year students interested in exploring 3D printing techniques.

– Published 27 January 2023

The project goal

The aim of this degree project is to design and fabricate lattice structures by conducting compressive tests on 3D printed samples. Thin to thick struts can be used to create these lattice structures thus, rendering varying levels of flexibility to the structures.

One of the applications for the said project will be in designing upholstery/cushioning for the furniture industry. Hence, it is necessary to investigate the mechanical behavior of these variable-thickness structures and understand their impact on mechanical properties, for instance compressive behavior, strength, and peak load.

Additionally, it might be interesting to compare results, for instance, force-deflection relationship obtained from compressive vs. tensile tests which will guide in tuning the structural design and in understanding their failure modes.


The 7.5 credit thesis project is an experiment based project in Product Development related to Satabdee Dash's PhD research and falls under the STEPS umbrella.

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For more information contact Satabdee Dash.

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