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ID-A Workshops

About the department's workshops

The workshops are intended for our programs in Architecture, Industrial Design, Product Development and Technical Design. We train students in processes, methods and equipment handling so they can realize their thoughts and ideas in courses, projects and degree projects. We have both traditional workshop equipment as well as modern equipment available for use, such as CNC machines, laser cutters and 3D printers.

IKDC has metal workshops available, and the A-building houses a full carpentry workshop. Adjacent premises house access to a variety of equipment, including laser cutting, water cutting, welding, forming and working with sheet metal, painting, vacuum forming, ceramics, clay and sewing.

At present, there are 6 workshop teachers running the workshops, covering a wide range of manufacturing methods and processes. We work with most existing materials.

Close-up of hands working with a drill. Photo.

Who does what

There are several instructors running the workshops, covering a variety of manufacturing methods.

Laser cutting at IKDC

See rules and fees for using the laser cutter. 

Manufacturing on demand

If you have questions regarding manufacturing or want to have work done with the following manufacturing methods, please contact us at the email addresses below.

Water cutting:

3d printing:

CNC-milling and CNC-turning:


Carpentry workshop, A-building
Bench workshop


Note that this space may be booked for education on weekdays. See TimeEdit. 

Metal workshop, IKDC
Bench workshop, ”Kilen”


Note that this space may be booked for education on weekdays. See TimeEdit. 

Machine workshop, A-building and IKDC

Monday - friday: 08.00-16.30

Lunch: 12.00-13.00
Break AM: 10.00-10.30
Break PM: 14.30-15.00


Reach the workshop at: 

Workshop supervisor

Jessica Lindvall
046-222 80 18

Acting supervisor, health, environment and safety:

David Eriksson
046-222 71 95 

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