Design sciences offer courses and programs in many subjects, such as ergonomics and aerosol technology, packaging logistics, industrial design, innovation engineering, product development, rehabilitation engineering and universal design.

Within the various parts of the department, we work with sustainable development and the ambition is for circular thinking to be a natural part of the students' future professional life.

Ergonomics and aerosol technology

Work is central in the lives of most people and has significance for an individual’s identity. To understand how people at work interactive with each other and with technology requires knowledge from many different fields. This is the case no matter if you work in healthcare, social services or heavy industry. Among the many factors that determine how a work environment comes into being, technology and its design often play a decisive role. It is important that engineers and designers early on in their training are given the opportunity to study the work environment area.

Ergonomics and aerosol technology offer courses in the following areas: Work and health, architecture and design, interaction design, air pollution and health risks, organization and leadership, risk management, thermal environment, virtual reality, and ageing and design.

Ergonomics and aerosol technology

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Freestanding courses

Open to all who meet the essential requirements.

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Contract teaching

Information on commissioned education for your company.

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Centre for work environment and leadership

Commissioned education in the fields of work environment, working life and leadership.


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