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Usability lab

The usability lab can be employed in situations where one wants to observe the interplay between humans and products or between humans and humans under controlled conditions. Some examples:

  • User testing of products or prototypes, e.g. software, electronic apparatuses and packages
  • Focus groups
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Interviews
  • Research experiments with test subjects


The usability lab consists of a test room and a control room that are separated by a one-way glass wall. That means that the people in the test room can neither see nor hear activities in the control room. There are several cameras and microphones in the test room; two of the cameras can be remotely operated from the control room. The control room also has recording equipment and picture and sound mixers.

Renting the lab

You are welcome to rent the usability lab. It is available for both teaching and research projects.

We rent the lab by the hour or by the day to companies or other departments. We also offer consultative assistance, e.g. for working out testing plans, brainstorming sessions, focus groups, etc. 

two people on either side of a one-way mirror, seen from the observation room. Photo.
close-up of an audio mixer. Photo.


Joakim Eriksson

Doctor of Technology 

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