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Design sciences collaborate in different contexts – Almedalen, Sustainability Week, Bokmässan in Göteborg and Kulturnatten in Lund are some of them. The department is also in the lead of and participates in several research centers and platforms.

Research centers and platforms


CHIE – The centre for healthy indoor environments – is an international centre that aims to create a communication platform promoting healthy indoor environments. The focus lies on research initiatives for knowledge provision and solutions for societal challenges. CHIE's overall goal is to understand how to create sound and sustainable indoor environments to promote human health, well-being, productivity and creativity.

CHIE aims to bridge different research areas in order to understand the complex interactions taking place in indoor environments and determine which research methods and assessment tools can be used.

CHIE's website


CIRCLE is the Centre for Innovation Research at Lund University which across faculties incubates, coordinates, and practices interdisciplinary innovation research. CIRCLE research aims to understand and explain how innovation can contribute to a good society and tackle societal challenges such as economic crises, climate change or the increased globalization of economic activities. This requires advanced insights into how knowledge is created and diffused in organizations, networks, regions, countries, and globally. The research focuses also on how knowledge is turned into innovations and the societal conditions that promote the creation and diffusion of innovation.

CIRCLE's website


eHealth@LU is one of Lund University's thematic collaboration initiatives. eHealth@LU focus on digitalization of health care. The platform is coordinated from Design Sciences, LTH.

eHealth@LU's website


Metalund conducts research, education and dissemination of knowledge in the work environment area. The activities include the Faculty of Social Sciences, the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University and Occupational and Environmental Medicine South, Region Skåne.

Metalund's website

Long View

Long View is a platform for cyclic thinking in design and innovation at Design Sciences.

Long Views website

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