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Freestanding courses in English

At the Department of Design Sciences, there are a number of independent courses, in Swedish or English, that could be suitable if you want to deepen your knowledge within a certain subject area. The courses may have varying prerequisites in addition to the essential requirements for university courses. Apply for the courses at

You can read about all freestanding courses given by Design Sciences on the Swedish course page.

For courses given in English, you find information about course content and prerequisites via the links in the list of courses below.

Courses given in English during the spring of 2024

Courses given in English during the autumn of 2024. You can apply for these courses in the spring. 

  • Aerosol technology (TFRG11)
    Why are there particles everywhere in the air around us, and how can we measure them? What happens when we inhale them?
  • Healthy indoor environments (TFRC06) 
    Several physical components of the indoor environment like thermal conditions, air quality, sound and light often give rise to complaints, discomfort and even illness. How do we create a healthy indoor environment which promotes well-being and productivity?


All freestanding courses given by Design Sciences.


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