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PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: Remote Fire extinguisher Monitoring System – CEBON and Microdust

Master thesis project on how to inspect fire extinguishers remotely.

– Published 6 May 2022

Fire extinguishers are widely used, vital and mandatory component of fire safety everywhere.
However, inspections are rarely performed. The idea for this thesis study is to explore the most cost-efficient system to monitor:

  • The Extinguisher has not been removed. Sending an alarm when it is pull from it’s mount.
  • Ensures the fundamentals are ready when needed, for example, its pressure is not below safe operating levels.
  • The accessibility is not blocked.
  • Frequently send beacon over a suitable wireless protocol to facility manger, for example, via LoRa, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or other possibilities.
  • Immediately send an alert when fault cases occur.
  • Further options to connect to the fire alarm systems in the facilities.

Your profile

Applicants are studying for the thesis relevant education in product development, electromechanical interest, software skills for the relevant part of the work. The thesis is suitable for 2 or 3 technology students.


Location: Lund, Sweden

Scope: Full time

Start: Immediately or by appointment

Languages: Swedish and/or English in speech and writing


Contact at LTH: Glenn Johansson

Take the opportunity to get to know and work with these two interesting companies in an innovative environment – CEBON and Microdust.


CEBON concern and the daughter companies GPBM Nordic, GPBM Italy and GPBM France are specialised in fire safety, battery solutions for industry and consumers. CEBON group is constantly striving for new innovations for a greener and safer life within its competency areas. The goal is to be a leading partner in electrification, digitalisation, safety and sustainability. Fire distinguisher is a vital part of the company’s offering and we strive to develop the extinguisher industry to the next level.


Mikrodust offers services in industrialization and products for electronic production with a focus on quality assurance and testing. We are at the forefront of development of energy-efficient solutions, IoT applications, design for test and efficient production test equipment. We are working on projects for many well-known global brands across different industries. We have a self-developed production technology platform including advanced data analysis and web portal as a basis in our future offer of a "full featured" modern electronics production test solution. We have many interesting possibilities for Master Thesis within Electronic, Mechanic and Software and opportunities for interesting summer jobs.