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People in protective clothing. Photo.

The aim of the course is to mediate knowledge of safe manufacturing and handling of engineered nanoparticles and of nanomaterials i.e. materials containing nanoparticles, in the perspective of human health and of environment. Aspects such as safety, important particle characteristics, exposure- and emission assessment, nanotoxicology, precautionary principle, safe-by-design, human-technology interaction, risk assessment, risk management, risk communication, life cycle analysis, legislation, and ethical aspects will be covered. 

Nanosafety – MAM030F

The course is given in English during two weeks in Lund and comprises 5 ECTs.  You then have the possibility to follow up the course with a 2.5 ECT-project.

Spring 2023 course dates

April 17-20

June 5, 7-9


For information and registration contact:

Christina Isaxon

Course supervisor

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