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INTERACTION DESIGN: Accessibility in 3D planning experiences – IKEA

Help IKEA make accessible experiences for everyone.

– Publicerad den 25 July 2022


Inter IKEA is the franchise owner of IKEA, and IKEA Planning experience (IPEX) is a department that develops interactive tools, which customers and co-workers world-wide use online and in the IKEA stores. These tools include everything from planning your new kitchen, bathroom or wardrobes, to exploring the curtain- and smart home ranges to see how they fit your needs.

Living up to the IKEA vision: Creating a better everyday life for the many people

IKEA Planning Experience is putting extensive efforts into making all our products accessible to the many people. While web content accessibility is generally a solved problem, making 3D experiences accessible does not have many examples in the wild.

Project objectives

We have identified that we need to re-evaluate some user experiences and enhance others to enable screen readers and keyboard navigation among other solutions. While the goals include making accessible experiences for everyone, we currently focus on actual WCAG guidelines. With a big portfolio it is also very important for us to be able to synergize and create opportunities to learn between our teams by building on each other’s work.

We are looking for passionate students with knowledge of UX, Web development, or both that can help us in this journey. You will be working with all the development teams as well as a dedicated accessibility task force.


For more information contact Kirsten Rassmus-Gröhn, kirsten.rassmus-grohn@certec.lth.se

Find more information and apply for the job at IKEA:s website.